Bleaching & Adsorption

Bleaching earth consists of an attapulgite-based product used for the refining of vegetable and mineral oils. The word “attapulgite” takes the name from the city of Attapulgus, located on the far west-south of Georgia, where the presence of this ore is particularly abundant. From the chemical point of view, it is an aluminium-magnesium silicate, characterized by the presence of pores (Hg Pore Volume = 0.69 cc/g) and a specific area (BET surface area = 123 m²/g). These features gives it the ability to remove certain impurities and oils colouring substances. At the moment there are different kinds of bleaching earths produced and commercialized by Oil-Dri Corporation of America: Natural™, Supreme™, Perform™. Each of these typologies gives the final users the chance to select the product which best meets their specific production needs. 

Adsorbent silicates, also known as natural silicates, are mainly used for remove soaps, phospholipids and traces of metals from liquid products to be refined. Oil-Dri Corporation of America produces and commercializes two different typologies of adsorbent silicates: Select™ and Ultra-Clear™. Select™ is a modified natural silicate used for the purification of vegetable oils, animal fats and biodiesel, while Ultra-Clear™ is thermally activated with the aim to produce hard and water resistant particles for their employ in the mineral oils purification (transformers used oils regeneration). 

PALUMBO TRADING markets the whole range of bleaching earths and adsorbent silicates produced by Oil-Dri Corporation of America.