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Mycorrhizae and rhizobacteria

The word “mycorrhizae” means a mutualistic symbiosis between plants roots and fungi in the soil: they help at each other by exchanging the sugars synthesized by the plant and the nutrient elements absorbed by the fungi, with mutual advantage. Thanks to this symbiosis, fungi can reproduce and so the pathogens must compete for space and nutrients.

The fungi and the rhizobacteria contained into the Agreennovative range of products help create this symbiosis with the plants, by making the plants themselves able to better absorb nutrients form the soil and to defend themselves from the attacks of the pathogens. Plants then features an higher resistance to hydric stresses and their growth ratio is faster compared to plants without mycorrhizae.

Introducing mycorrhizae into soils with poor microorganisms presence is also very useful for the soil itself in order to recover fertility and to put the basis for a healthy and environmentally friendly production.